Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Successful Alexanderson Day 2020


The odds were not optimal this year, with the ongoing Corona pandemic. In the early Sunday morning, the rain was pouring down and heavy wind gusts made it hard to even take a peek of the antennas outdoors.

The transmitter hall was empty except from five individuals from the Alexander Association, appointed to perform the transmissions, any visitors was directed towards the visitor centre.

Two transmissions was done, at 11:00 (09:00 UTC) and at 14:00 (12:00 UTC). On the first transmission the rainy weather was making it hard at first to reach good output to the antenna, but after a few minutes with the VVV VVV VVV de SAQ loop, the system started to dry up and the amps increased.

I the afternoon the skies cleared and we even got a little bit of sunshine, making the second transmission easier and we managed to get around 60A into the antenna, which is optimal. more...